Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mr. Brown was a thug. Quit painting him as a person of quality. You earn that through hard work and good morals, not by robbing an old man at a store a few minutes before officer Wilson confronted him. He got what was coming to him. But go ahead and make that inner city trash a martyr. As for his mom and dad. They need to look at themselves. But, why would you expect anything different from them? Apples don't fall far from the tree.So go ahead and play the victim. I don't expect anything less from uneducated inner- city low self esteem people, who are still blaming whites for their predicament..

Al sharpton

Speaking on CNN on 11/25/14, Al Sharpton claims that Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch did not properly cross–exam Darren Wilson on the stand. However, how does he know when a grand jury investigation is a closed procedure? He also claims that McCulloch put people on the stand who did not see anything. That is not what McCulloch said in his statement on 11/14/14. The prosecutor at one time, mentioned that some bystanders who had claimed to see what happened turned out to not have seen anything at all. In many cases, they were not even present the night of the shooting. These “potential” witnesses had to be ruled out as any use to the case. It was never stated that they were put in front of the grand jury. McCulloch did mention that witnesses whose stories were corroborated by the physical evidence were put on the stand. In other words, only those credible witnesses who were most likely telling the truth were questioned in front of the grand jury, according to Bob McCulloch. Listening to the prosecutors carefully laid–out investigation the other night and his painstakingly ,methodical explanations, it is clear that this situation was not taken lightly by his office. There was obvious evidence that Officer Wilson was not the aggressor in the situation. After all, what would he have to gain by suddenly pulling over on the street, picking a fight with some black kid and shooting him dead? Michael Brown was not shot in the back as some people in the media had claimed. There is evidence of his DNA and blood inside of the police car, which agrees with the officer’s assertions that Brown was reaching in the car assaulting the police officer. Some people do not want to accept the truth, no matter how clear it is.